Sex Predictions & Trends for 2014

With the year brand spanking new,  we’re often asked by the media to look into our crystal ball ( yes we *do have one!! ;) and predict what the coming year will bring about in sex and relationship trends.

So here are our Top 3 sex predictions for 2014! Boom!

Women’s Sexual Fluidity will Flow

There’s already been a huge rise in women exploring their lesbian side and this is set to soar.

In just 20 years the number of women reporting having a female partner has increased fourfold (from 1.8% to 7.9%) according to The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes & Lifestyles Survey 2013.

March 2014 will see a flurry of same-sex weddings as gay marriage becomes legal in the UK. Gone are the days when lesbians were derided for being crew-cut man-haters.

Nowadays girls who like girls are the media’s darlings and the majority of the population view same-sex partnerships as ‘not wrong at all’ Lesbian nuptials and open attitudes will give even more women permission to lust after ladies.

Female Pleasure – More Knowledge and ‘Cures’
It’s shocking but the internal structure of the clitoris wasn’t revealed by researchers until 2009 and the G Spot, the existence of which has been disputed within the medical community for decades, was scientifically ‘discovered’ in 2012!

Pandora’s Box has been opened and 2014 will see more research and revelations into the true complexity of female anatomy and pleasure.

Unfortunately this will also bring more ‘cures’ for ‘female sexual dysfunction’, both concepts we view at Sh! with skepticism as they heap more pressure and false promises onto women.

Time, guilt-free self exploration and fantasy, (oftentimes along with the sustained buzz of a vibrator) is most women require to learn how to orgasm.

Sex toys will take inspiration from this new knowledge. Size will fade into the distance and stimulating of multiple pleasure-points will be where new toy design heads.

Mistresses – The Whip-Wielding Kind.
2013 saw a tsunami of the 50 Shades effect with bondage and love balls flying off the shelves but towards the end of the year there’s been a definite backlash against the cashing -in of a book that owed it’s success, not to clever marketing but to being a secret pleasure shared between female friends.

With 50 Shades film pushed back to 2015, 2014 is ripe for the next big thing in erotica. Ana may have played the sub role in 50 Shades but a lot of women and couples who came to Sh!, inspired by the book, were actually looking to explore female domination. 2014 will see women unleash their inner mistress.

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