Win a copy of KISSING – a Field Guide by Violet Blue

Win a copy of The Kissing Bible and learn why Great Kissers Have the Most Fun!

Kissing is an art form and Violet Blue, sex-positive pundit in mainstream media, shows you every trick for the ultimate lip-lock in this indispensable field guide. 


Entering the competition is easy peasy and a winner will be selected at random on Sunday 13th April.

Good luck!

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WIN G-Spot Rabbit Vibe: March Toy of the Month

G-Spot Rabbit Vibe


We’re buzzin’ over at Sh! this week as a brand spanking new mother-load of exciting and exclusive toys have finally hit the shelves! Among them is the G-spot Rabbit Vibe, which has immediately hopped its way into our hearts (& our toybox), and ’cause we love you we’re giving you a chance to WIN one all for yourself.

The sleek, sexy and beautifully tingly G-Spot Rabbit Vibe is our very special Toy of the Month for plenty of reasons…Silky, slim and designed to fit your curves like it was made for you, this vibrator is stylish, powerful and yet super-duper quiet! The *perfect* Rabbit Vibe!



To be in with a chance of winning the G-spot Rabbit, simply check out the Rafflecopter Widget Below. You can enter your name multiple times until the competition closes at the end of the month, so get yer skates on! Comment on this post, Tweet and follow us, and improve your chances!

Good luck everyone :)



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The sensual art of Japanese Rope Bondage (with Nina Russ!)


We get quite a few customers asking us about bondage classes and rope bondage classes specifically, so we thought we’d invite Nina Russ, a London based Shibari (that’s Japanese Rope Bondage!) artist to teach a class here at Sh!

Read about what Nina has to say about this increasingly popular form of bondage, its roots, its subculture and Nina’s own journey through rope.

To book this class, please check the event details here! Ticket prices are £25 per person – a real bargain for a rope class – so don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Nina is quite a busy gal, and we are very lucky to have her teach here at Sh!


In your own words, can you explain what Japanese rope bondage is (also known as Kinbaku or Shibari)?

Literally, shibari means ‘tying’ and kinbaku ‘tight binding’. In practical terms, it involves a beautiful form of rope bondage that goes beyond mere restraint and makes the rope a tool of communication. That is to say that the rope becomes an extension of your hands as a means of domination, sensation play and evoking emotion.

What appeals to you about Japanese rope bondage?

I like the aesthetic. The beauty of the model in rope, the constraint of the body and positions, but, most of all, the facial expressions.

How did you discover it? And how did you get into it?

From seeing images on the internet and it arousing my curiosity. I then sought out the BDSM community in Rome, where I was living at the time. For an entire year, I developed myself as a bondage model at the Itoh Seiu school of shibari.

When did you start tying?

In early 2012, I began my mentorship under Esinem. Since then, and whilst in Rome, I have also attended courses by prominent Japanese masters both as a student and a model. I think my experience on both sides of the rope gives me an unique perspective.

Do you enjoy tying or being tied more?

These days, my taste is far more for tying. I enjoy more being the primary source of expression more than the vehicle.

What would advice would you give to those looking to learn about rope bondage and Japanese rope bondage specifically?

The first thing is to learn to tie safely whatever style you choose. The secret of Japanese bondage is that it is not just about restraint but much more about communicating through the rope. Develop this side before getting bogged down by technical ties.

Where would you recommend to get started?

You can’t beat hands on tuition like the classes you are running or the ones Esinem and I hold.

I’d suggest Esinem’s ‘Japanese Rope Bondage: Tying people, not parcels’ as an excellent resource as they are video tutorials. You actually see how to do it, rather than just read and see pictures. Whilst you can reach technical steps that way, you need video to convey the all important ‘how’, the passion and feeling.

What kind of rope is appropriate to use for practicing Japanese rope bondage?

The usual material is 3-ply twisted jute of 5-6mm in 7-8m lengths. This will be soft and flexible which allows the work to be neat with compact knots and frictions. It is an essential part of the whole Japanese aesthetic.

You’ve been involved in the London rope community for a while now, and you run your own event (BOUND). Over the years, have you noticed an increased interest in this form of bondage?

Undoubtedly. I’m pleased to see that it is encouraging more women. I think this might be partly because of the beauty and the communication but also because there are a number of role models, e.g. Midori, Satomi. Hopefully, I’m playing some small part in it.

If so, why do you think that is?

Shibari has been hitting the news. It has featured in numerous music videos, a recent example being the latest Primal Scream video which we worked on. It’s the latest craze in fashion shoots featuring in LOVE, Vogue, Sang Bleu, Wallpaper etc. The west has yet to have a mainstream film but it’s making its way into independent productions like Love, Honour & Obey and Room 55.

I know you also teach and offer tuition. What is your favourite part of teaching?

It’s the moment when you see the light go on and they finally ‘get it’. Sometimes it’s instant but in others it can take a while and some perseverance. Another rewarding aspect is the skeptical partners that become rope fanatics.

Finally, are you excited to come to Sh! to talk about Japanese rope bondage? 

Of course! I’m always excited about encouraging more women to tie. I hope I can be an inspiration.

Well, we certainly think you are Nina! :)

For more information about Nina Russ, you can visit her website




Toy of the Month Giveaway: Leather Wrist Cuffs worth £30

Leather Wrist Cuffs

All the fuss and frolics of Valentine’s Day might be (almost!) over, but we’ve got just the thing to help you keep the love alive! Our fetish Leather Wrist Cuffs are some seriously sturdy, top-quality bondage gear, and for the next two weeks you’ll have the chance to WIN a pair of your own to enjoy however you want.

Our February Toy of the Month comp is just like the month itself, short but oh-so-sweet. You’ve only got 2 WEEKS to enter this giveaway as many times as you can and bag yourself a pair of our incredible Sh! Wrist Cuffs in gorgeous blue leather,  so enter NOW to make sure you don’t miss out.

Blue Leather Wrist Cuffs

These wide leather cuffs are hand-made by the Sh! Girls in our East London warehouse. Lined with luxurious fake fur and strapped with incredible hardware, these lovely leather bondage wrist cuffs will not give in however much you struggle!

This giveaway will be over on Feb. 28th so go and share it on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest right now to secure your chance of securing your sub with these beauties!  Check out the Rafflecopter below for more info, and extra ways to enter your name.

Good luck everybody!

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Valentine Gift Guide 2014

Valentine Gift Guide

Whether you’re all loved up, crazy in lust, or single and loving it, here at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium we have just the thing to put a smile on anyone’s face this February 14th! Read on for tips, tricks and the sexiest, newest prezzies in town, with our Valentine Gift Guide.

Lust & Luxury for a very special lady…

Luxurious gifts that make her (or yourself!) feel like a million quid don’t actually have to cost that. Bijoux Indiscrets create beautiful erotic jewellery with a wallet pleasing price tag that looks simply gorgeous on any body.

Gold sex cuffs


These beautiful Bijoux Indescrets Desire Cuffs aren’t just the perfect handcuff for some seriously sexy & sophisticated kink, they can also be unattached and worn out and about as statement jewellery! Perfect for teasing your partner with what’s to come when you get home.

Gold sex collar


And to finish off the look, take a peek at the matching Desire Collar! With a cooling metal chain that drapes the torso and surrounds the waist in a pretty chain belt, this collar feels as good as it looks! Combination of sex toys and jewellery? Surely the perfect Valentine’s gift. Plus at just £20 each you won’t break the bank!



Boy’s toys for a dreamy dude…

Being a female-focused erotic emporium doesn’t stop us from knowing exactly what tickles your fella’s fancy too! We have a great range of sex toys for men that would make for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift.

Men's Sex Toy Set


Buy together and SAVE with our hand-picked Pleasure Sets. This Men’s Date Night Gift Set has everything he needs for some solo fun, and is guaranteed to put a smile on his face, plus it comes with a FREE gift box and is yours for only £36.


Heart Cock Ring


If you’re feeling the post-Xmas pinch and are on a tighter budget than that, check out our selection of cheeky cock rings! This Vibrating Heart Cock Ring is full of festive fun and has an added buzz to stimulate your clit while giving him a pleasing squeeze. Plus it’s a steal at just £14!



Double the fun with a Couple’s Toy…

It’s true! Life is so much better when we share the love. Here at Sh! we’re big fans of couple’s toys that help you connect with your partner and get the utmost satisfaction out of every rendez-vous.



The revolutionary and world-famous We-Vibe is still our best-selling couple’s toy. Worn by her during penetration (or any time really), it offers intense dual vibrations. If you fancy splashing out this V-day, we recommenced the We-Vibe 4. At £120 it’s not cheap, but you’re investing in a smaller, more powerful, and high-quality toy that will please everyone. Equality, yay!



For us, V-day is all about spending some quality time with your lover(s), and what better way to enjoy that privacy than with a deliciously grown up game? Tie & Tease is an adult boardgame that lets you explore light BDSM in a sexy environment that brings you both pleasure. So pack the kids off to Grandma’s, close the blinds and enjoy excitement and exploration, for just £25.

Inspiration for Lesbian Lovers…

Lady-loving-ladies have the benefit of delving into any and all of the sex toys for women that we sell, but if you’re looking for something extra special this Valentine’s day, be sure to check out our range of Lesbian Gift Ideas.



Our sex toy Gift Sets are by far the easiest way to make someone’s day on Feb. 14th, and the Lesbian Quickie Gift Set is one of our faves! With a leather thigh harness, silicone dildo, 2 fingertip vibrators and lashings of lube all packaged in a gorgeous giftbox, it’s a money-saving bargain at £79!



Some of our fave sex toys combine gorgeous, timeless design with pure functionality. The RodeoH Low Rise Panty harness is an incredible strap-on harness that looks like a stylish pair of lacy knickers! Simply pull it on easily like a pair of underwear (no straps or buckles!), slip a dildo through into the pocket and you’re ready to go…Treat your partner or yourself for just £40.



And the Best of the Rest…

Honourable mention goes to some of the stylish, innovative and down-right sexy vibes that are new to Sh! for this year. Any of these toys would make a swoon-worthy gift this Valentine’s Day, and we’ll even wrap it for you! Plus don’t forget, you can get FREE UK delivery, keeping costs low and letting you focus on the important things, like getting hot ‘n heavy with your loved one.


The Viola Voice-Activated Vibrator does exactly what it says on the tin! Whisper into the handset and feel the vibrations rise and fall with your voice! It can also be powered by music, hold it close to your speakers and let Viola pulse in time to the beat. Perfect for whispering sweet nothings and watching your partner squirm with pleasure, all for £89.





In the luxury category we’ve got the very latest in beautiful design & exciting innovation. The Lelo ORA, a sophisticated oral-sex stimulator that will seduce you with its undulating motions. Check out the video here to see what we mean. At £119 it’s definitely an investment but one well worth making if you want serious points on Vday!



Whatever (and whoever!) you end up doing on Valentine’s Day, we’ve got just the toy for YOU to make it a memorable one. So check out our more extensive gift guides, or get in touch with us directly and we’ll do some matchmaking of our own! Just call us Cupid ;-)

Happy Valentine’s Day peeps!

February Loyalty Card Holders Party: Valentines Special Edition

Are you a Loyalty Card Holder? …Then join us for our monthly Double Discount Party on February 14th and enjoy a *free* micro-class* and *free* glass of bubbly!

Not a Loyalty Card Holder? Not to worry! Sign-up today and join the fun! Our Loyalty Card entitles you to 10% discount in-store or online on all our products (except books and tampons).


We’re offering an exciting new Sh! Class *exclusively* to our lucky Loyalty Card Holder members on Friday 14th Friday 2014.

Email to sign up for our new Micro-Class on ‘Toyz, Toyz, Toyz!, completely *FREE*.

Toyz, Toyz, Toyz!

Friday 14th February 2014


*FREE* (spaces are limited, tickets on first-come, first-serve basis)

Come on a date with the Sh! Girlz this Valentines Day! And let us guide you through the wonderful world of Toyz!

Have you always wanted to ask but felt shy? Not sure what the best vibrator is for you? Want to upgrade and are uncertain what’s out there? The Sh! Girlz answer it all!

Whether you are a sex toy veteran or a clueless novice, and whether you are looking for some solo fun or looking to share with your lover, the Sh! Gilz are sure to give you all the tips and tricks on what toys do what, when and how, and help you choose the perfect toy for you!

Book now on to reserve your *free* place. Spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.



Special Valentines Erotic Class for Couples!

Stuck in a rut? Out of sexy ideas? Not sure how to talk about your fantasies?

We’ve got your back!

Because we believe that couples that play together, stay together, Sh! Introduces our first ever Erotic Class exclusively for couples!

*This class will take place February 11th at 6.30pm is for couples only (of any flavour, inclination and orientation)*

Art sexual greeting card Happy Valentine

With Valentines Day around the corner, a time when couples all over the UK are getting ready to pull all the romantic stops, there is no better time than this to get ready for some ‘menage-a-deux’. But how do we turn a normal day into one that ends in a pressure free, happy way – whatever that may look like for you?

Sex therapist Sarah Berry shares her tips and tricks on how to re-inspire or re-invent your bedroom life, regardless of what flavour or style of intimacy, play and/or sexual orientation. From books to couples toys, from massages to sensation play, this class covers it all – so whether you are the candles and slow lovemaking type, or whether quickies and kinkiness are more your speed, this class is sure to tickle your imagination and help spice things up in the bedroom!

During this one and a half hour erotic class, Sarah Berry will help you escape the daily grind of work and domestic life, and teach you how to improve your communication, bring out your inner romantic, show you how to be in the moment during sex (rather than thinking of what’s happening the next day or whether you’ve left the oven on!) and achieve sex you want.

Interested? Book your tickets here!

The Art of Cunnilingus ~ Now available at Sh!


So last week I decided to engage in something a little different and part-take in one of our own Erotic Classes here at Sh! One I happen not to teach due to lack of… ‘expertise’ on the subject. Yep, that’s right, I’m talking about cunnilingus!

As you know Sh! runs a rather successful bi-monthly Blow His Mind class where Renee and I have the pleasure of sharing our tips and tricks on the timeless art of fellatio over cupcakes and bubbly (seriously, we sell out every single time, so if this is up your alley… check our website! Oh and did I mention cupcakes and bubbly?!)

But, since many of you kept asking (and rightfully so!) “Why don’t you have a class about going down on girls? This is a female-focused shop after all, right?” (Right!), we decided 2014 was the Year of the Cunnilingus. So, we contacted our good friend and lesbian femme blogger extraordinaire Effi Mai to come along to Sh! and set up a Blow Her Mind class, the first of which happened last Thursday January 9th.

Although I’m a heteroflexible woman with a rather limited girl-on-girl portfolio, I have lived long enough to know that a girl can never have too many skills and if I’m going to learn how to please a lady, then I might as well learn from an expert!

And what a fun delightful evening that was!

Effi Mai delivers with tasteful enthusiasm how to go down on your woman – covering everything from female anatomy, to safety, to tongue tricks and everything in between – all of this in a relaxing yet intimate atmosphere over cupcakes and bubbly (of course!)

Effi’s approachable vibe makes it easy to relax and not feel out of place or shy. This lesbian friendly class is playful but enlightened, with of course, no nudity or explicit acts or imagery. But rest assured, Effi explains it all with the help of intelligent props and savvy demonstrations to ensure that no knowledge is lost. I learned a bit of everything, including how to incorporate protection into the fun, and how toys can be used for a bit of fun ‘à deux’. Effi also emphasises the importance of communication to maximise the pleasure giving and receiving, and even gives some literary tips for those seeking additional educational resources. On the whole, you are sure to leave with plenty of food for thought and practice material.

The class lasts about 1.5 hours (with plenty of time to chat and shop afterwards); it is structured but feels casual and informal, much like an evening with girlfriends; questions are encouraged and giggles recommended as there are ladies of all backgrounds, lifestyles and skill levels.

Overall the class is both fun and educational in equal measures and while I’m not sure what the future holds, I definitely left the evening with renewed awe for the female body!

Interested? You can book a spot on the next Blow Her Mind class on February 13th!

Oh and if you want more of Effi Mai, you can check out her other fantastic monthly Class: Lesbian Sex Talk 101, which will run every month on a Friday. First Class in this Friday January 17th!

WIN a Hers & His Sex Toy Set, worth £85!

Sex Toy Set

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and we want to give you the chance to make it the best one yet! That’s why we’re giving away an amazing Couple’s Sex Toy Set with something for everyone, worth £85 and unique to Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium.


The Couple’s Pleasure Main is a complete sex toy set with something for her, something for him, and everything to share. This set includes a luxurious Excite vibrator, a dual vibe for any erogenous zone and a Tenga Egg Male Masturbator for a hand-job with a difference!

Check out the Rafflecopter widget below NOW to enter your name into our prize draw as many times as you can. Good luck peeps!

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WIN a Lesbian Sex Toy Set, worth £79!

Lesbian Sex Toy Set

With Valentine’s Day now just a month away, we’re giving you the chance to sweep your lover off her feet! All this month you can earn chances to WIN an incredible Lesbian Sex Toy Set worth £79, unique to Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium.


The Lesbian Pleasure Quickie Set is a thrilling selection of goodies for lesbian lovers who just can’t wait. Including 2 finger vibes, a gorgeous silicone dildo, a thigh harness, and lashings of stimulating gel and lube, which enhances sensitivity and makes everything you do to one another super sensual. This set can be YOURS in time for V-day.

This one-of-a-kind sex toy gift set comes packaged in a gorgeous presentation box, making it the perfect gift you both can enjoy!

Check out the Rafflecopter widget below to enter your name into our prize draw as many times as you can. Good luck peeps!

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